Planned education is the most essential element to shape our life into the globalization process of the challenging world. Modern educational system is the only medium to fulfill the target of Millennium Development Goals. It is the challenge of 21st century to materialize the Vision 2021.

Sandwip, segregated from the main land of Bangladesh, affected immensely by the erosion of the Meghna and frequently visited by severe natural calamities, is an wonderful island having a population of more than three lakh. This “ daughter of river “ , i.e Sandwip is famous for producing eminent personalities in different fields. Long long ago many reputed Islamic scholars arrived on this beautiful island for preaching and spreading Islam. Though Once it was greatly known for religious education, particularly Islam, There were not many scopes of acquiring modern education. And consequently girls became the worst victims of being deprived of gaining knowledge. In spite of having great eagerness. It was almost impossible for the girls to go from one corner to another of Sandwip to attain their higher education.

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